Chef's Choice Gelatine Leaf Sheets Titanium 12's 40g

Barcode: 9339337007002

SKU: GEL1003

Carton Packaging: 12x12s (40g) Edible Leaf Gelatin Sheets in Titanium Grade sets much clearer and smoother compared to powdered Gelatin. Gelatin Sheets are perfect when you need to make clear windows, either for a cake or even a gingerbread house. They are also perfect when you need to make a clear / transparent 3D object.

Titanium grade gelatin sets quickly, is easy to use which makes it a great gelatin for anyone from beginners to experts. As leaf gelatine is almost odourless and flavourless, it imparts none of its own flavour into your recipe which ensures that the flavours you create are what you taste!