NSM Falafel Mix Vegetarian 200g

Barcode: 9312392000010

SKU: MID2009

Carton Packaging: : 12x200g NSM Falafel was the first pre-mix Falafel marketed to the Australian general public. The completely natural, chick pea based 100% vegetarian snack has become one of the most popular middle-eastern foods in the world and NSM Falafel has become available in most supermarkets around Australia. Stocked by most health food stores for years, the product moved into Australia's major supermarkets with terrific success. Falafel, which is renowned for being "organic to the system" in Lebanon and the middle-east, is derived from a host of beans and spices and is moulded into a patty, then fried or baked to release the flavours in this healthy and authentic snack. Falafel is commonly served in a pita bread sandwich with salad and tahini sauce.